About Us

Free Financial Education for Everyone

Our Purpose

Founded by a renowned trader, best-selling author, and trading coach with 35 years of trading experience, and a licensed therapist, success coach, and trading education coordinator with 31 years of experience, SFO Academy is committed to delivering the best online trading education worldwide. Our mission is to provide long lasting educational value that completely transforms our students so that they can grow and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Our Teaching Philosophy

The foundation of our teaching is derived from answering a simple question: How do I win? Whether we use the word, win, or the word, succeed, the premise is the same. How can a trader build a successful business that creates and maintains a competitive advantage? While answering this question may provide the holy grail of trading, it must also consider work-life balance, resilience, and happiness. The core of our educational programs is built on the foundation of self-growth.

We take a strategic approach to help students develop their vision of the ideal future. We then encourage them to formulate strategic plans to realize their vision. We teach how to implement strategic plans through design, operational plans, performance, and controls. We teach how to continuously improve the plans and implementation for alignment, consistency, and viability. We teach how to anticipate and improve performance.

Via free trading classes, discussions, Q&A sessions, and live streaming sessions with both a trading coach and success coach, students can develop systems that allow freedom of action to achieve the desirable end results effectively in view of anticipated, and unanticipated, opportunities and risk. Students learn to deploy strategic thinking that provides superiority in determining events, so that greater possible opportunities are created. Students learn how to use coordinated framework to integrate plan, actions, resources, and timing for better results.

Our Goal

We want our students to make the most of their journey to their ideal future, improve their quality of work-life, and build high self-esteem. While our courses may be in a specific subject matter like stock trading, entrepreneurship, or positive thinking, our hope is that our students can learn valuable lessons and develop skills that can be applied to many things they do now, and will do in the future.

Our Founders

SFO Academy Founder

Tony Oz is a renowned trader, best-selling author, educator, consultant, trading coach, entrepreneur, and popular speaker in the trading industry with more than 34 years of trading experience. Tony has taught classes and seminars all over the world, and more than 50,000 people have used at least one of his stock trading software products.

Tony is the three-time winner of the classic HedgeHog stock trading contest beating thousands of contestants with his triple digit returns. Tony loves to trade stocks and options and believes that education is key to success in trading.

Tony received his MBA from Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School in Malibu, California.

SFO Academy Founder Jodi Paris

Jodi Paris, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Success Coach. After obtaining over 3000 hours in supervised sessions and passing all required state testing, she received her license in 1998. Jodi worked as Education Coordinator and Counselor at Stock Trading School, where she corresponded with more than 20,000 students, over the course of 16 years.

 Jodi developed her very own powerful framework for success called the Jodi Paris’ Success Star, which is based on her 31 years of experience as a counselor and a coach where she watched, listened, learned, and developed a winning model.

Jodi coaches her clients to strive for their desires and surpass their goals as she turns them into “Success Stars” using psychological theories and techniques for positivity, growth, and self-fulfillment. This framework can be used for trading, business, relationships, personal growth and almost any other aspect of life. Her clients learn how to build resilience, have grit, become more optimistic, learn how to positively manage their business, and have a winning attitude!